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A1200/A500 Amiga Square Power Cord to ATX Adapter


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Push & Lock Power Switch Cable:

A1200/A500 Amiga Power Cord to ATX Adapter
If your Amiga 500, 600 or 1200's original Amiga Power Supply has failed or is too weak to power your expansions, then it's power cord can be cut off and used with this adapter. This adapter uses standard readily available ATX Power Supplies.
Assembly Process:
■   Obtain an Amiga 500, 600 or 1200 square power plug mounted on a length of cable.
■   Trim back the plastic sheath of the five individual wires (+12v, +5v, Ground, Shield and -12v) in the power cord to expose 5mm of copper strands.
■   Insert them into corresponding wire holes in the terminal block as marked on the adapter. Ensure no copper is exposed and each copper strand is fully inserted into the hole.
■   Secure the wires using the screw clamp on each hole.
■   Attach the ATX Power Supply connector into the adapter (it only inserts one way).
■   Attach an optional power on/off switch with wire to Power On jumper (push and lock type).
Important: double check (ideally with a multimeter) that each wire is connected to the correct hole in the terminal block before powering on.
A500/A1200 ATX adapter board
Push and Lock Power Switch with cable (optional extra)
ATX Power Supply and 5-pin Square Power cord are not included.
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Available Options
Push & Lock Power Switch Cable:

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