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Amiga Floppy Disk Drive (A1200 Tower/A2000/A4000)

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This Amiga compatible floppy disk drive is ideal for an Amiga 1200 Tower. It is also compatible with desktop big-box Amigas such as an Amiga A1500, A2000 and A4000.

The floppy drive is compatible with various revisions of Amiga motherboards and fits into any standard 3.5" drive bay such as the lower bay of an EZ Z4 Tower. It features a high quality drive mechanism and is fitted with beige facia and green LED.

A1200 will only operate with a Drive Unit of DF0: We can supply it configured as DF1: optionally for Amiga 1500, 2000 or Amiga 4000 (see configuration options below).

Mechanism dimensions: 25mm x 100mm x 145mm

Refurbished and guaranteed. Facia/button colour and Drive mechanism may vary.

AMIFDD002 installed in a Amiga tower
Floppy installed in Amiga tower

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PLEASE NOTE: Due to how rare these drives are becoming. We can not Guarantee the colour of both Facia and Button. They will either be Cream, Silver or Black.