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Memory/RAM for Commodore Amiga 2000

Memory expansion branded with our A2000™ logo are low cost and high quality upgrades for the Commodore-Amiga 2000 and Commodore-Amiga 1500 computers. We carefully assemble and test them in-house, engineered to last for many years.

Jargon Buster

Are you confused by some of the terms used with Amiga 600 memory expansions? We have explained some of the key terms here to help.

RAM card: expansion board for your Amiga that increases the available memory and sometimes also performance.

Memory: programs are stored temporarily in memory, or RAM while they are running. Additional memory is needed for more complex programs. Memory is erased every time the Amiga is reset or powered down.

Zorro II Slot: Inside the Amiga 2000 and 1500 computers there are five black expansion connectors called Zorro II slots. Memory expansion can be plugged into any free Zorro II slot increasing the Fast RAM your Amiga can have available.