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Fast ATA Zorro III controller for Amiga 4000, 4000T, 3000 or 3000T computers

With the Fast ATA 4000 controller you can now take advantage of the latest low cost, high capacity ATA/EIDE devices like hard drives, DVD drives, CD RW drives, CD ROM drives, ZIP drives, LS 120 drives, etc.

Fast transfer rate of up to 16.6MB/s
Supports PIO 0, PIO 3 and PIO 4 modes
Compatible with ATA 33/66/100 devices
Fully compatible with HDDs > 128GB LBA 48 bit compliant
Adds two buffered and terminated EIDE ports for 4 devices
Automatically configured devices
Compatible with all A3/4000 processor cards
Boots from any attached HDD, ZIP or LS 120
Optionally supplied with SATA and Compact Flash adapter at extra cost.

FastATA 4000 software bundled with Fast ATA 4000 controllers provides support for: HDD drives, CD ROM drives, CD R drives, CD RW drives, ZIP drives, LS 120 drives.

AllegroCDFS the fastest Amiga CD filesystem is also included.

AllegroCDFS Features
Access to:
ISO 9660
RockRidge (with Amiga Extensions)
UDF (Video DVD)
Supports Amiga protection bits
Supports Multisession
Supports SCSI and ATAPI devices (CD ROM, CD R, CD RW and DVD)
Supports direct audio grabbing from standard audio CDs

Package contents:
Fast ATA 4000 MK VII CF/SATA Zorro III card
Floppy disk with AllegroCDFS, FastATA software pack and user manual
46 cm 80 wire ATA 66/100/133 cable

This product is covered by 2 year manufacturer warranty.